1899 by Adrian Wenzel. Today a family company in the 5th generation


The company was founded as a wax factory in 1899. In 1938 Richard Wenzel took over responsibilty. From 1972 onwards daughter Rosemarie and her husband Rudolf Jaksch then expanded the company.


Approx. 190 Seasonally up to 230

Business fields

Development of new products, manufacturing (exclusively in Aschaffenburg) and national as well as international sales

We stand for quality and flexibility

For many generations, the name WENZEL has stood for high innovative strength and the highest quality standards for everything to do with candles. Since our company was founded in 1899, we have developed well over 1,000 different candle designs that delight our customers all over the world. All of our candles are 100% RAL quality, and exclusively manufactured in Aschaffenburg / Germany.

Finally yet importantly, our export quota of over 35% speaks for the popularity of our products. In comparison: In the 1980s, the share of exported candles was around 2%.

Our current production area covers approx. 10,000 square meters, which are spread over two plants. Our in-house high-bay warehouse has a capacity of 8,000-euro pallets so that we can always work on an order-related basis and thus respond optimally to individual customer requests.

The high quality of Wenzel candles was confirmed by Stiftung Warentest in November 2016. The Safecandle tested was rated “very good” and emerged as the test winner in terms of burning quality.

The Wenzel Safecandle is a new type of pillar and ball candle that extinguishes itself when it burns out. These candles have a special wick holder that prevents the wax from flowing to the wick and snuffing out the flame. This system is innovative, patented, DEKRA-tested and 100% Made in Germany! The wick holder ensures that the wick cannot fall over and goes out safely after burning. In addition, the wick holder does not transfer any heat downwards!

Since 1899 we have

0 billions
Candles and lights produced
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Liters of paraffin processed
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Hours enlightened


120 years of experience

Founded in 1899 – and therefore more than 120 years of experience in the manufacture of top quality candles


Pioneer and market leader in candles of all kinds made from sustainable raw materials with the PURE series

Quality promise

Pioneer and market leader in candles of all kinds made from sustainable raw materials with the PURE series


Innovative candle design and the latest technology. Always on the pulse of time – nationally and internationally.


We manufacture with approx. 190 employees at the production site in Aschaffenburg – 100 % made in Germany.

Ecologically sustainable

With our PURE and LIGHT ONE product lines, we are setting milestones in the development of sustainable candles.