The “Porcelain Light” lantern series made of fine porcelain creates an elegant and cozy atmosphere. The high-quality wax burns long and evenly and lets the porcelain shine in a soft light. The porcelain has a matt surface that looks elegant and simple. The highlight of this lantern series is the decoration, which is recessed into the porcelain surface. There are four different designs, showing abstract, straight, modern or systematic patterns. These patterns allow the light to shine through and create a magical effect. This lantern is a beautiful accessory for any room and a perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about.


The “Retro Light” glass mood lights are more than just candles. They are a stylish accessory for any home, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The high-quality wax burns long and evenly. The glass has a thick wall with a checkered pattern that refracts the candlelight in different directions and creates beautiful effects. You can choose between four different versions: amber, green or anthracite for the inside wall or transparent for a classic look. Each color has its own charm and harmonizes with different living styles. Whether the mood lights are given as a gift, placed on a table or placed on a shelf, they will always be an eye-catcher.