Our original WENZEL pillar candles are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Pillar candles are pressed candles that are dipped twice in color in our refined production process in order to ensure an even color drawing. Over 40 standard colors are adapted to current design trends every year. WENZEL pillar candles are produced with a flat head or a pointed head and are RAL certified. 100 % made in Germany.


Available in many different sizes from a diameter of 30mm to 100mm, from a height of 40mm to 300mm (flat head).

Also available as a SAFECANDLE

Self-extinguishing pillar or ball candles with integrated wick holder, which stops the supply of wax to the wick and thus “suffocates” the candle. This innovative and patented system is DEKRA tested and 100% made in Germany! The burning wick cannot tip over due to the integrated wick holder and extinguishes by itself after burning down. In addition, the wick holder does not dissipate any heat downwards!