More information about PURE


PURE combines the active conservation of our natural resources with the familiar aesthetics of the local ambience: All products in our sustainability series are made from natural and renewable raw materials from European sources (except coconut wax) and are free from environmentally harmful plastic packaging, palm oil and gene-treated soy wax. We consciously support the protection of the rainforest and completely refrain from using palm oil or products based on palm oil!

Our candles convince with a particularly long burning time and the quiet, soot-free and CO2-neutral burn. By dispensing with hydrocarbons in the material, we achieve CO2 savings of up to approx. 60% compared to conventional paraffin products!

Most of our PURE candles contain the SafeCandle technology.

Our olive wax candles are hand-poured, 100% vegan and are characterized by their crystalline surface, the long burning time and the clear, calm burn.

The rapeseed wax proves to be very stable and therefore perfect for an uncompromising and clean result. The wax has a slightly yellowish color and is 100% vegan. Thanks to the long burning time of rapeseed wax, the candles are very economical.

However, our beeswax candles are not made from 100% beeswax, as the wax is rare and expensive. The candles consist of 10% beeswax and 90% olive wax. This gives us a 100% natural wax with excellent burning properties. A beeswax candle is not vegan because it is made from animal products.

Coconut wax has a strong white color and is 100% vegan. Thanks to the smooth nature of the surface, the wax has excellent burning properties, it burns very quietly and slowly and has a nice wall adhesion to the glass.

Two thirds of our candles are made of stearin, the remaining third is made from European rapeseed wax from Swedish cultivation. The stearin fats cause the lowest CO2 emissions of all types of wax. Such a candle saves more than 60% Co² compared to a paraffin or soy wax candle and approx. 20% Co² compared to a palm wax candle.