The origin of light – interpreted in a modern and sustainable way.

LIGHT.ONE answers the question of stylish sustainability and ecological responsibility with no ifs or buts. By combining the most innovative technologies with the use of original and sustainable raw materials, we have succeeded in developing the most perfect light of our time.

LIGHT.ONE is the light that returns to the traditional and unadulterated requirements of a candle as a source of brightness, warmth and comfort and, through contemporary attributes, corresponds to the understanding of a modern and conscious lifestyle.

We see our customers’ desire to interpret their own homes as an oasis of deceleration and comfort through the use of sustainable products as one of our most forward-looking tasks. Together with our entrepreneurial spirit of development, this forms the driving force
towards a responsible future.

Product advantages

  • 0% plastic
    0% aluminum
    0% Palm wax
    0% Paraffin wax
    0% soy wax
    100% plant-based / vegan / sustainable
    Canola from EU harvest
    RAL GZ 041 quality
    CO2-neutral burning
    100% sustainable wrapper
    100% paper packaging
    Wrapper made of paper according to DIN 6730
    Best CO2 balance
    Premium product made in Germany
    Tested fire safety – Tested according to ASTM F2417-11
    Wrapping made of paper according to DIN 6730