Our popular and high-quality WENZEL tealights are available in different versions: As standard tealights with an aluminum cover, as well as tealights in a flame-retardant plastic covers. Our tealights in polycarbonate sleeves are also available with differently colored wax. Our high quality and elaborately crafted tea lights have a burning time of at least 4.5 hours, are RAL certified and 100% made in Germany! The quality of our WENZEL tea lights does not end with their outer packaging! You can get our tea lights in valuable trays and not in bags!


You receive our original WENZEL maxi lights in different versions. Whether in the classic aluminum cover (diameter 58mm) or in the more exclusive, transparent polycarbonate cover (diameter 56mm): Our popular maxi lights give you a clear and luminous light experience for up to 10 hours. At WENZEL, you get maxi lights in 100% RAL quality and 100% made in Germany packed in attractive trays instead of bags!


The further development of our popular WENZEL Nightlights in colored plastic covers: Our WENZEL Colorlights started their triumphant advance in 2014 and have since become indispensable for many consumers in the home decor sector! Due to their high luminosity and their clear, direct play of light, our color lights are ideal for an atmospheric background for celebrations and events – not least because of the long burning time of 8 hours! In order to be perfectly integrated into existing designs or arrangements, our original WENZEL Colorlights covers are available in a wide variety of colors in a crazy mix. The variants range from bright summer colors to beautiful pastel tones or muted autumn and winter colors. Our color lights thus offer a variety of individual design options in the floral and home decor area!


Our WENZEL Nightlights are lights with a standard diameter of 38mm in a slightly raised polycarbonate or aluminum cover. Due to the long-lasting burning time of approx. 8 hours, our nightlights are ideal for celebrations, hotels and restaurants, event agencies, as well as for long winter evenings by candlelight! Since the market launch in 2013, our nightlights have developed to top-sellers! They have an outstanding luminosity and give off a clear and illuminating light. In addition, our nightlights with a transparent polycarbonate cover can also be placed directly on a non-flammable surface. Our nightlights are made from a high-quality paraffin mixture (70% paraffin, 30% renewable raw materials) and have been optimized by a pressed inner core (for a stable wick position).